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The Poem That Inspired Aronofsky’s ‘Noah’

(Left to right) Darren Aronofsky and Russell Crowe on the set of NOAH, from Paramount Pictures and Regency Enterprises. N-19090

(Left to right) Darren Aronofsky and Russell Crowe on the set of NOAH, from Paramount Pictures and Regency Enterprises.

Last week in a piece that ran in The Atlantic, I interviewed Noah director Darren Aronofsky about the spiritual message, import, and inspiration behind his epic reimagining of the ancient biblical story. You can read that interview in full HERE.

During our conversation,…

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Hieronymus Bosch - The Music Written on This Dude's Butt
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The Music Written on This Dude's Butt - Hieronymus Bosch from Garden of Earthly Delights


Luke and I were looking at Hieronymus Bosch’s painting The Garden of Earthly Delights and discovered, much to our amusement, music written upon the posterior of one of the many tortured denizens of the rightmost panel of the painting which is intended to represent Hell. I decided to transcribe it into modern notation, assuming the second line of the staff is C, as is common for chants of this era.

so yes this is LITERALLY the 600-years-old butt song from hell

@PONTIFEXCELLENT: “Nuns Are Grrreat!


<> on May 18, 2013 in Vatican City, Vatican.After Mass in St. Peter’s on Feb. 2, Papa Frank spoke to the world about those leading the “consecrated life,” i.e., clergy and men/women religious. (Sunday was the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, which the Catholic church marks as “World Day for…

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sick day reading list

it’s a sick day here at the grace factory. (and not in the cool way the surf groms in laguna say it.) so i am reading. what, you ask? well:

* E-Squared by Pam Grout
* Eat This Book by Eugene Peterson
* Write for Your Life by Lawrence Block
* Free Play by Stephen Nachmanovitch
and re-reading
* Drops Like Stars by Rob Bell
* Why I Wake Early by Mary Oliver
* Holy the Firm by Annie Dillard
* The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield (perhaps one of the single most important books I’ve ever read, btw)

And being tempted to just leap into the novels sitting by my bedside including:

* Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts
* The Days of Ana Madrigal by Armistead Maupin
* Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen

On Justin Bieber's Arrest in Miami Beach →

"For all the media who are contacting my agent to talk to me about Justin’s arrest, I have been turning down interview requests for months because I have had nothing constructive to say. But I do now. And it starts with an apology to Justin for contributing to the media pressure that contributed to his arrival at this troubling place.
Justin, I’m sorry.”